jaSt Share! Or use plik... (UPDATE)

Published on 01 March 2018

In my last post I wrote that I want to build a solution for selfhosted filesharing. In the meantime I started a project over at GitHub called jastShare which I will remove shortly.

The reason is that I recently discoverd Plik. Plik is a temporary file upload system written in golang, which is similar to wetransfer. Hosting it is pretty simple and it comes with many nice features like destructing files after the first download, password protection or an expiration date. Go to GitHub and see yourself. It has a pretty straight forward api, too. I wrote a simple client for that api in C# supporting dotnet451 and dotnetcore2.0 which I will upload to GitHub in the next days. Not all parts of the api are covered yet, but I will go implement more features over time.

I will keep you updated as soon as it's online.

[UPDATE 2018-03-05]

I've created a repository at GitHub called plikSharp. I am trying to setup automated building via AppVeyor and let it upload the package at nuget.org. Hopefully everything works out as I want it to. ;)